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SAP: Since 15 years we have been working with large and medium businesses in SAP field. We help to improve data flow and accessibility for their key business functions.

We help to achieve sustainable results and improve crucial business processes. Our specialists are ready to help and create a strategic plan for your business to grow.

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Backup and Recovery: Don't put your business in risk by neglecting your operating and historic data safety! We provide fast, easy and economy ways to protect your business with our special backup solutions, remotely or locally.

Together we chose best method and timing schedule to sustain your business functions.

Cloud:With a cloud technology we take you one step further. You can choose either classical cloud or on-site solution. Take advantage of latest technology for online backup and storage that fits your needs and grows with you. This technology takes your business wherever you go.

Virtualization:By using proved virtualization technology for your servers and data center we create a reliable and highly responsive IT environment.

With our virtual servers we significantly reduce your data center maintenance costs e.g. construction, cooling, power.

Virtualization considerably accelerates our service delivery.


 Network: Our network engineers will design, build and secure your network without sacrificing performance. We safely connect your mobile devices with your data center/operation center and monitor the efficiency of your data flow. You can access your network from around the world.


Web Hosting: We can provide you a domain you need, support your domain and also  secure your web site on our servers in our datacenter.  

Domain name,  Website Forwarding , Personal domain registration, Personal and Business Email,  Microsoft Exchange Email

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Security:Safety of your data and business processes is our main concern. Just think of your employees' private data downloaded and saved on your computers and how many risks occur via Internet every single day. But - don't worry - we know how to secure your network and devices. We also provide corporate account policies as well as policies for data circulation.

Remote services: We are able to support you form our office , in order for you to save on travel cost, fixing the problems faster, scheduling maintenance when is needed.

Monitoring:We are able to monitor your servers and backup remotely and troubleshooting them, without interruption in your daily work.  

Services:Business IT consulting is our main activity. If you need strategic alternatives - we are there for you. We also provide training for your IT department and computer users. We support your daily IT operations on 24 /7 basis and practice active monitoring on a 12/5 basis. With our remote services we significantly shorten respond time... and your bill.

PC Repair:Computers are only machines which sometimes get damaged or simply old. In such cases we can help you too. Our experienced technicians will fix and/or do upgrades on your hardware or we can provide you with an up-to-date replacement. We know how important is to you to provide an ergonomic and economy working place for your employee.

Don't hesitate and let us know what you need.

Sales:Our solution engineers and sales team can provide you an overview of the types of pricing techniques a business might use when promising services.    If you need Servers, workstations, backup tools and software, there is a one place to go.  Computer Guys System Solution Corp.

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